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Quick Cash Writing is my brand new mega-course for writers, published by WCCL. While my course 'Write Any Book in Under 28 Days' is intended for people who would like to write a complete book as quickly as possible, Quick Cash Writing is for people who want to start making money from their writing even sooner! 

In 12 info-packed modules, Quick Cash Writing takes you through the whole gamut of shorter writing opportunities. I start with the simplest of all, readers' letters, revealing the six main types and how to write them for cash and prizes (information I've never seen published anywhere else, by the way). Subsequent modules take you through writing fillers, articles, short stories, greeting card slogans, captions for consumer contests, and many more. I even reveal how you can make up to $50,000 or more just by selling a single movie idea to a Hollywood studio. Yes, it can be done - and Quick Cash Writing shows you how!

The course assumes no previous knowledge and is ideal for beginners. However, it is equally suitable for people who have bought my '28 Days' course and are now looking for ways to keep their bank balance ticking over between royalty cheques! And even if you're an experienced writer, I can guarantee there are outlets here you won't have thought of. To give you a flavour of the course - which is suitable for anyone from the US, UK, Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the world - here's a short extract from the section of the module about writing for greeting card publishers...

Contacting Publishers

Having identified a number of publishers you think you might be able to write for, you will need to make your initial contact with them. In particular, you will need to find out the following information: 

1. Do they use freelance writers? (Many do, but not all). 
2. If so, what are their current requirements? 
3. How do they like to have work presented?
4. What are their payment arrangements? 

My advice is to start by writing an initial introductory letter. Explain that you are a freelance greeting card writer (well, you soon will be) and interested in submitting material for their consideration. You can then go on to ask the questions listed above. I think it is a good idea to enclose a large-size SSAE (stamped, self-addressed envelope) when writing out of the blue, but this is not absolutely essential. 

You can send your letter to the Creative Department (or, for artwork, the Art Department). However, to ensure your letter reaches the right person, I suggest a quick phone call to the company to find out who deals with freelance writers. You can then address your letter to them in person. You may even be offered the chance to speak to someone there and then, and this is an offer you should always accept. While greeting card company staff are busy people, they realize that freelances are essential to their company's continuing success. They will often therefore be happy to explain their requirements to you in some detail, putting you on the road to success straight away. And it never does any harm to start building good relations with people you hope to be working with. 

Do not, however, make the mistake of sending lots of examples of your work with your initial letter. If the company is not interested in seeing work from freelances, you will have wasted your time. Worse, if they DO want freelance material but your examples are in the wrong style, they may conclude that you are not suitable for them and send you a polite 'thanks, but no thanks'. In this case, you may have lost a potential client before you even started. 

With a little luck you should receive replies to your initial letters within a few days. Some may say that they are not in the market for freelance material just now (or ever), but others will be far more encouraging. A typical response is shown below:

 'Ideas are currently purchased for an initial fee of $60. Should the idea reprint and you are a regular contributor then a pro rata reprint fee is paid in addition. We shall return any ideas not suitable for us, but in the meantime look forward very much to seeing your ideas.' 

Often you will also be sent a detailed set of contributors' guidelines or a creative brief. This will tell you everything you need to know about the company's current ranges, the type of material they are seeking, how to submit work and what you can expect to be paid (and when). Once you have become known to the publisher, you can expect to be put on their mailing list and receive regular updates about new ranges and so on. You can then get your material in early, and gain a useful head start on all the other aspiring writers! 

Quick Cash Writing is available as an instant download and will run on any PC using Windows 95 or later. As well as the course itself, you get a huge range of bonus items, including my unique 'Mini-Inspiratron' program and eight other invaluable pieces of writing software. More details can be viewed on my publisher's website, which can be accessed by clicking on the banner below...


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To claim your free copy of my mini-guide, just forward the confirmation email you receive from White Cliff Computing Limited after buying Quick Cash Writing. Give your email the subject line 'Free Gift Claim' so that I know immediately what it is. I will then e-mail you manually with details of how you can access the mini-guide.

And not only that, in this e-mail I'll let you know about yet another great freebie. I won't tell you what it is here, but in the long term it could prove even more valuable than all the other free gifts put together. Intrigued? I hope so!

Lastly, if you are interested in purchasing Quick Cash Writing, can I respectfully urge you to move quickly? This course has only just been launched and my publishers are currently offering it at a discount in order to generate as much interest as possible. Once the launch period is over, the price is almost sure to go up. 


Thank you very much for your interest in reading this far. Whether or not you decide to buy Quick Cash Writing, I should like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in fulfilling all your writing ambitions.

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