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The Wealthy Writer is my brand new downloadable guide for writers, published by WCCL. I wrote it in association with successful online author and publisher Ruth BarringhamThe Wealthy Writer is all about how to make money - a LOT of money! - writing for the Internet.

It's easy to forget how new the net is. The World Wide Web, the most popular part of the net, started in 1989 with 50 people sharing web pages. Today, at least 500 million people use the web every week, and there are over 180 million websites, a figure increasing by 5% every month. 

In its early days the Internet offered little in the way of paying opportunities for writers. Thankfully, all that has changed. More and more companies are waking up to the fact that having a snazzy-looking web page isn't enough on its own. To keep visitors on their website and put them in buying mood, they need well-written, interesting copy. And who's going to provide that for them? Not the techies in their IT department, that's for sure. What they need are writers!

But that's only a small part of the story. There is also a growing range of websites that advertise paying opportunities for writers, or invite them to bid for work. Still other sites invite contributions from writers directly.

Even better, with only a little bit of technical knowledge, you can create your own reports and e-books based around your special interests and sell them to the ever-growing, world-wide online market. This is one of the best ways to make serious sums of money writing for the Internet.

The net is also a wonderful tool for writers. Of course, it's invaluable for research and communication, but it also offers many methods for writers to publicize themselves, find a publisher or agent, communicate with their readers, search for and obtain writing jobs and commissions, collaborate online with other writers, and much, much more.

And conventional publishers are seeing the potential of the Internet too. Publishers are now trawling the web for writing talent, and almost every day another book based on a website or blog is launched to a fanfare of publicity.

There's no doubt about it. If you're a writer or aspiring writer today, the Internet can turbo-charge your writing career - without you even having to leave the comfort of your chair. It opens a whole new world of writing opportunities, and makes it easier than ever before to earn a great income online. But where do you start? The sheer volume and range of websites can seem bewildering even to the most experienced writer...

That is where The Wealthy Writer comes in. It will guide you easily and painlessly through all the different money-making opportunities for writers on the net. Between us - modesty aside - Ruth and I have direct experience of all the main ways of making money writing for the net. Indeed, we now earn most of our income from this source. Methods we have employed successfully include:

• blogging
• writing website copy
• short report writing
• ebook writing
• article writing
• affiliate marketing
• selling our writing services via job auction sites
• setting up a writer's website
• advertising online for writing work
• and many more!

In The Wealthy Writer we guide you through all these methods, revealing the approaches that have worked for us, and our own hard-won 'insider tips' on maximizing your income from writing for the Internet.

The Wealthy Writer assumes no special knowledge. It is ideal for writers who are new to the Internet, as well as those who have taken their first few steps and are now looking to step up a grade. To give you a flavor of the content, here's a short extract from the (long) section about Blogging...

Paid Blogging Opportunities 

Blogging nowadays is big business. Many blogs rank high in the search engines and attract substantial readerships. Companies have not been slow to see the advantages of advertising on blogs and/or getting bloggers to write about them. Many also now run blogs themselves, as a way of communicating with clients, potential clients, employees, and so on. 

All this has generated a growing range of earning opportunities for bloggers. These fall into two main categories: 

1. Opportunities to earn money by posting regularly on company blogs. 
2. Opportunities to earn money by hosting advertising and/or blogging about companies on your own blog. 

Let's look at each of these in turn. 

One website that regularly advertises paid blogging opportunities is the Problogger jobs board at Here are just a few opportunities that were being advertised there at the time of writing…

Self-Development Blogger 
We are about to launch a new web site,, and want to engage a blogger to produce a weekly blog. The topics covered include the following topics: 
a. Personal Development 
b. Business 
c. Stock Market 
d. Finances 
e. Relationships 
f. Health 
g. Success Stories 
Our partner site,, is already in operation and examples of the general nature of the new site may be seen on this site. We would be looking for approximately 500 words per week, applicable to the topics above. Links to other video/audio material would also be encouraged. Payment approach is by negotiation. 

TV and Online Video Tech Blogger
We are looking to hire writers for a blog that covers general television, satellite TV, and online video topics. You must be able to write between 3 and 5 posts a week. You can work on your own schedule and remotely. You must have a good personality and strong writing skills. Compensation depends on how much you write and the length of the articles, but it is competitive. 

Niche Industry Blogger 
We are looking for a witty, sharp and entertaining blogger to represent our company and write for an industry blog targeted at the marketing/advertising/media/promotions industry. It is a niche blog highlighting stories related to user generated content and how it is being used effectively in marketing campaigns. You will discuss various types of topics ranging from legal issues related to UGC and marketing to the hottest online UGC campaign to the best technology platform for a UGC campaign. You will be required to find content and will be required to post a minimum of 5 stories per day, daily. 

Obviously, by the time you read this, these opportunities will have been taken, but you should be able to find plenty more at Another website that often advertises paid blogging opportunities is the Absolute Write writers forum at Look on the Paying Jobs board. 

It's only fair to say that you are unlikely to make a fortune as a paid blogger. Once you have been accepted, however, it can be a source of steady work for as long as you want it. Another attraction is that you will be researching and writing about a subject that you presumably find interesting. For reasons of supply and demand, rates of pay tend to be higher in niches requiring specialist knowledge.

The Wealthy Writer is available as an instant download in PDF format. It will run on any modern computer, including Windows PCs and Macs. More details can be viewed on my publisher's website, which can be accessed by clicking on any of the links to The Wealthy Writer on this page. Alternatively, just click on the banner below. But before you do that, please read the paragraph below...

The Wealthy Writer comes with a range of bonuses contributed by me and Ruth. However, as a special thank-you for ordering via my web page, I'd like to offer you a unique extra bonus gift. Once you have placed your order, forward a copy of the email receipt from my publisher to me at (change the -AT- to the usual @ sign) with the subject line BONUS CLAIM.

I will then send you a free copy of Twitter for the Tweeple, a great new PDF guide to making the most from the micro-blogging service Twitter (of which I'm a big fan). And that's not all!  I'll also send you my own mini-report, Ten Ways to Use Twitter to Boost Your Writing Career. The latter is ONLY available to buyers of The Wealthy Writer via my website. Please allow me up to 24 hours to send your bonuses.

EVEN MORE BONUSES! Hold the Front Page! 
I've just added two more free bonuses
 for people buying The Wealthy Writer via this website! 

Squidoo Blueprint
is a step-by-step guide to getting started with the popular Squidoo site-building tool, whilst HubPages Blueprint is a similar guide for HubPages. If you're new to making money from online writing, Squidoo and HubPages are great places to get started - they're also brilliant for driving traffic to other sites such as your blog or homepage. The information in these two guides perfectly complements the material in
The Wealthy Writer. Follow the instructions above and I'll send you these two extra bonus items as well.

Thank you very much for your interest in reading this far. I should like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in fulfilling all your writing ambitions.


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