Make Money Publishing Your Own E-Books for the Amazon Kindle!


KINDLE KASH is my brand new guide for writers, published by The WCCL Network

In Kindle Kash I reveal everything you need to know to plan, write, edit, publish and promote your very own money-making Kindle e-book - fiction or non-fiction!

As with all my courses (Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, for example), I've aimed to make it as clear and easy to follow as possible. If you follow the step-by-step, practical advice set out in the guide, you will very soon have your own Kindle e-book, on a subject of your choice, selling online via the Amazon Kindle Store and making good money for you. 

After that, to keep boosting your income, all you need to do is wash, rinse and repeat!

Kindle Kash assumes no special knowledge, and no technical or programming skills are required. It is therefore ideal for writers who are new to writing online, as well as those who have taken their first few steps and are now looking to boost their income by creating and selling an e-book on the massively popular Amazon Kindle platform. (And, don't worry, other popular e-book formats are covered as well!)

To give you a flavor of the content, here's a short extract from the (long) chapter of Kindle Kash about promoting your Kindle e-book...

Amazon Author Central

This is a great starting point for your promotional campaign.

Any author with a book on sale at can claim a free page at Amazon Author Central to promote themselves. And that includes authors with e-books in the Kindle Store, even if they don't have any printed books to their name.

If you've followed my advice so far, there's a page of Amazon Author Central with your name on – or, at least, there very soon will be <grin>.

Your Amazon Author Page is much more than just an online résumé. You can add all or any of the following to it...

Books – You can add all your published books and e-books, so that visitors to your page can see other things you have written (and maybe buy them too). You can also see your books' sales rankings, ratings, and number of reviews. And you can click on any of your books and make changes to the description, price, and so on. Obviously, you can do all this from your dashboard on the Amazon DTP, but some authors have found that changes are applied faster when you go through Author Central.

Profile – You can add a biography, and up to eight photographs. Customers like to find out more about their favorite authors, so it is well worth taking advantage of this opportunity. Talk a bit about your background and how it has informed your writing. You can also put a link to your blog or website here – although it won't be live, it's good to keep reminding people about it. If you add a photo, be sure it is of good, professional quality.

Video – You can even upload videos if you wish. There are several examples on horror author Stephen King's Amazon Author Page.

Events – You can list upcoming events, like book launches, public readings, promotional contests, and so on. Amazon shares this information with, which will promote your event to local media, event listing services, and so on. This all helps generate extra publicity for you!

Blog – If you have a blog, you can set up your Author Page so that your most recent posts are displayed there. This is done using your blog's RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. If you want to see an example of how one well-known author has used this, check out Neil Gaiman's Amazon Author Page. Note that clicking on any of the post titles will take visitors to the blog post in question.

Forum – Yes, you even get your own discussion forum. You can start topics here, and so can your readers. And nobody can object if you talk about your books – that's the whole point of it! Your forum can be a great place for engaging with readers and potential readers and answering any questions they may have.

It's also worth adding that Amazon has specifically approved using your Amazon Author Central web address in posts on other forums. People are sometimes a bit sensitive on forums about authors promoting themselves, but if you simply sign any post elsewhere with your name followed by a link to your Amazon Author Central page, nobody can really object.

Other advantages of having an Amazon Author Page are that it shows up when people search for your name on Amazon (or an Internet search engine), or when they click on your name from one of your book's product pages.

Amazon Author Central is a great free resource for authors, and if you've published your e-book to the Kindle Store, you should definitely take advantage of it. Just point your browser at to sign up.

Kindle Kash is available as an instant download in PDF format. It will run on any modern computer, including Windows PCs and Macs. More details can be viewed on my publisher's website, which can be accessed by clicking on any of the links to Kindle Kash on this page, or the banner ad below. But before you do that, please read the following paragraphs to find out about my unique special bonuses.


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3. Kindle Publishing Made Easy by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold. This is a massive product that costs $47 from the sales site (check now and see - it will open in a separate window). It's actually intended for trainers and consultants, and aims to provide everything they would need to run a complete course in publishing for the Kindle. Delivered in a compressed Zip file, it includes a 23-page script, 13 screenshots, 43 PowerPoint slides, and more - see the sales page for full details. Even if you never intend to teach anyone else how to create Kindle e-books, this is an amazing extra resource to have at your fingertips. 

I've picked these products carefully - and bought (1) and (3) with resale rights - because I believe they really will make an invaluable addition to the material in the main course, and turbo-charge your Kindle writing career.

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Thank you very much for your interest in reading this far. I should like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in fulfilling all your writing ambitions.



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